Thursday, 30 October 2008

Up to date birthday photo

Now look at that cake. Doesn't it just look perfect.

This is what he asked for.... A friend of my daughter's always makes his cake and so she made him an ice hockey cake as that was what he wanted... BUT he asked if it could look 'off' ~ because last year he said everyone had a piece leaving him none. So by his reckoning if it looked off no one would want a slice.

So she made it to look perfect on the outside but on the inside it looked like sludge. I am told it tasted lovely as long as you kept your eyes closed.

I have made a decision, no more gym, so that's that.

Saturday night we had a lovely time. Godfrey Birtill was around in the 60's. He is a very spiritual man and his songs hit the button on what God is up to right now, but he puts some of his songs to a rock and roll beat. So we worshiped, we praised and danced till we dropped. It was the best way to party on a Saturday night and i went home tired and happy.

My slow cooker came out today and i made a beef casserole and dumplings. I have to say they were 'Aunt Bessie's' but nice nonetheless.

Now what type of dumplings do you make... suet dumplings or Norfolk dumplings? I like both but was brought up on Norfolk dumplings. I expect now the weather has changed my slow cooker will be used a lot more but i do not have a great range of receipes. Any good ones will be gratefully received.

Jenny <><


  1. I'd love it if you would share your recipe. I love the slow cooker but haven't done much in it.
    The cake is adorable and so is the birthday boy. I like his reasoning. Hope he got a big share to eat. 'On Ya'- ma

  2. Hi Jenny the cake looks fab.Yummy.He-He.I am not suprized you have finished at the gym lol!!I make suet dumplings love them ntothing nicer in winter Whoo-Hoo.Oh! I could just eat one now as late as itis .Catch you after my weeks break.Take care God Bless Kath xx

  3. That is a super cake. We use our slow cooker a lot. This evening we had lamb chunks with pearl barley, turnip, carrot, onion, celery, mixed herbs. It was delicious. I would have loved dumplings but I am not allowed them often. Please pass on any slow cooker recipes.

  4. yummy... that looks good. I hope he was able to get a piece. I love using the slow cooker... another good recipe is ribs... using the country ribs and slow cooking them.. in the barbecue sauce all day.. really good...