Wednesday, 31 December 2008

And A Blessed and Happy New Year to you all.

Jenny <><

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas everyone!

Jenny <><

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wouldn't i just like to be like them. Life has been hectic with the lead up to Christmas and i have been too tired to read many blogs let alone comment. Sorry.

Hubby's virus turned into a chest infection and more antibiotics and it seems this virus also likes to pop back for another visit every now and again. At the moment he is asleep in the armchair beside me.

I had a good time at g'daughters sleep over. There were 7 all told and they all seemed to talk at once???? I had borrowed a chocolate fountain, but everyone said that they made a big mess up the walls and carpet, so i bottled out and just melted some chocolate in the microwave. We had strawberries and marshmallows to dip in the chocolate mmmmmmmm! I got to bed at 3am and went straight off to sleep. I had originally gone to bed at 12 midnight but g'daughter called me out to tell them a story, so up i got. But it didn't matter cos i enjoyed it.

I still haven't got all my Christmas presents or written any cards... Am i bovvered? Er... sometimes. But i expect it will all get done by the day.

We have had a big problem trying to find a turkey over 9 kilo, so much so that we have had to settle for an 8.4 one. It seems there are not many around this year due to the trouble with turkey's last year. People have suggested having a crown cos there are no bones so you get more meat, but a lot of us like the legs the best and a 4 legged turkey would be alright for us :-)

Another suggestion was to get a fresh one from the butchers, but that would be far too expensive. No we got a frozen one from Tesco's like always and now i have to cook it in my new fan oven. Eek!! I have never used a fan oven and i haven't used my big bottom oven yet. As there is only the two of us at home the small top oven does us for most things.

I usually cook the oven on low all night, but how low is low in an electric fan oven???? We shall see.

Oh well i really should be tackling the Christmas cards about now....

Jenny <><

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Happy Birthday Granddaughter

Granddaughter is 13 today. She was born by C section 13 years ago, my daughters first child. This last year she must have grown about twelve inches in a year, she is now much taller than me. Saturday we went shopping and i bought her some clothes. That girl has always known how to shop :-). Today we go out for a meal and next Saturday i have the privilege of supervising a sleep over of 7 girls. I have already been given my orders, mainly not to embarrass her. As if i would...
Last night my next-door-neighbour had his car stolen from outside the house. It was inches away from ours. All this happened at teatime, not in the middle of the night as you would expect.
Just a short one today to say 'Happy Birthday' g'daughter have a great day as you enter your teen years.
Jenny <><