Thursday, 2 June 2011

What are our schools teaching????

I have been helping my granddaughter with her GCSE revision.  Law was straight forward as it was just about learning facts about the law.  But some of the other subjects are just pure propaganda, social engineering and indoctrination.

I always thought science taught you things like how the heart worked.  The difference between arteries and veins.  What is chlorophyll, chemical reactions etc.  In short facts about how things work.  Not about whether culling badgers stops cattle from catching TB, or ‘pump head’ which may or may not be caused from being put on a heart lung machine, but the statistics seem to show nobody knows.

What is the point of discussing situations that the experts do not know the answers to, when the children don’t know in the first place what TB is or how the lungs work.

RE, which is only half  a GCSE, you might think should be about learning about the world’s religions.  No, it is about common sense and all answers must be given using common sense only and therefore they are not taught any real facts, but are asked to give their thoughts only.  As long as it is common sense of course.

Global warming is taught as fact, rather than the views are divided between equally qualified scientists and the science is changing on it all the time.

People complain about faith schools indoctrinating faith into the kids, but you send your children to a faith school so that they will be taught within that ethos.  It’s your choice.  State schools obviously are indoctrinating our kids with the secular ideals of the day.  They are socially engineering in the worst way regardless of the truth of what they are teaching.  Social ideas change with the wind and media propaganda.  I doubt most parents realise what they are being taught and would be concerned if they knew.

New age, meditation (in an unhealthy way) are just some of the things being done in schools regardless of the dangers or whether the parents approve.  Our schools are creating a society that may come back and bite us on the backside in years to come.  I’m quite glad that i won’t be around to see it but fear for my younger family.

Jenny <><