Thursday, 9 October 2008

Danger in the Gym

Well i surpassed myself today. I thought i was doing rather well. I had upped the resistance on the bike and was going faster on the treadmill. Then i got off.
I am always a bit dizzy when i get off the treadmill, a bit like you have been on a boat for a long while and have just got back on firm ground. So.... i stopped the treadmill and stood there for a moment before stepping off. I felt really dizzy and there was nothing to get hold of, i felt myself going over but couldn't stop myself from falling as gravity took me the rest of the way.
The wall stopped me. Crack went my head and elbow. The music was loud but two people heard the bang over the top and called the trainers over. One winced when she saw my elbow, but i haven't bothered looking. I am a great believer in what i cannot see i don't worry about (a bit like the size of my behind LOL!). My head feels like it has been bashed so i hope it will be alright. Bit concerned it won't happen again though especially as i have to up my time over the next two weeks.
Also.... I have successfully transfered my old blog over and have called it Stop the Clock Archive. Not sure if i am going to do anything with it yet though, or just keep it for prosperity.
Jenny <><


  1. Now I know now why I do not visit the gym...I do hope that your exercise is doing you more good than harm. 'On Ya' -ma

  2. That sounds a bit dangerous be careful Jenny. I am just going to leave my archives for posterity too just glad I did not lose it all 497 entries. Love Joan

  3. Hi I like the way you write here to I used to write my entries in Works then paste and copy but this is much easier. Don't do too much today. Love Joan.

  4. Don't like treadmills.....I always fall off the end!!! But then I fall over in gym changing rooms so perhaps that is why I don't go that often, LOL!!