Saturday, 25 October 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is g'son's 9th birthday. I 'm afraid the photo is not a recent one. All the ones i have at the moment are either of him a long way away or with his sister. But he hasn't changed much.
I will be buying him some ice hockey gear he wants, and guess where he is now? Ice skating....
In December his sister will be thirteen and then in January i have.... wait for it ~
Daughter, son, daughter in law, g'son, sister in law, niece. It's a dear season.
Tonight i am going to a Godfrey Birtell concert. He is a christian singer/songwriter, very spiritual but also knows how to rock and roll. Don't ever say us Christians don't know how to enjoy ourselves. I am hoping to do a bit of bopping tonight. Ok, the body will move after a fashion before i flop into a chair exhausted.
Which brings me to exercise. The Gym is not working....I felt feint after being on the exercise bike for 5 minutes but how much of that is because it is on my mind after what happened on the treadmill the other week i don't know. Without that though my knees and other joints are getting sorer and sorer and now hurt constantly through the week. So i do not know how long this will go on for, i have a review in November. Now swimming i love and could stay in the water all day.
Hubby has gone upstairs to have a bath, who wants to bet on how long it takes him to start snoring. LOL!!
The clocks go back tonight so it will get dark by 4pm, winter is getting closer, Christmas is getting nearer. This year we have a bit of a problem. Every year i put the turkey in Mum's freezer because mine is usually full and of course Mum is no longer with us. So, Where am i going to put the turkey then, eh? And it is one big turkey.
Well it will be interesting to see if my paragraphs turn up in this post or if i have a long streak of white paper before you get to the comments button like last time. Lol!
Have a good weekend.
Jenny <><


  1. Happy Birthday to your Grandson. It sounds as if you should stop the Gym. Your body always warns you when you are overdoing things. Stick to swimming and do gentle exercises at home like movement to music or even stretching exercises on your bed,

  2. A very Happy Birthday to your Grandson ,whjat a lovely looking boy he is ,hope he has a good day ,Icant help you on the freezer thing Im afraid dont know where you can keep it lol love Jan xx

  3. HB to your handsome gson!
    Maybe you need to slow down on the gym?
    Freezer, no ideal, sorry.
    Our clocks don't go back till Nov 2nd... I made & posted a few tags for that today.

  4. Happy Birthday to your grandson. He looks like a happy fellow for sure. I don't have any December birthdays to celebrate, but come January my list will look like yours. I love celebrating with them all too. Hope your concert is a good one. 'On Ya' - ma

  5. Hi Jenny, Hope your grandson had a lovely birthday. 9 is a very important age! Be careful on the treadmill. Once I fell on it and I almost broke my nose! Exercise bike is the safest device. Just a bit boring ...unless you can watch tv at the same time. Have a nice Sunday. Good night. Antonella

  6. Hi Jenny. Happy birthday to your Grandson! Aww they grow up too quick! I've done treadmill once! Only once lol! I couldnt keep up with it. I dont go to the gym as much as I should. Infact, I dont go LOL

  7. "Happy Belated Birthday" to your Grandson Jenny.I hope he had a great day ice skating.Yes exersizing doesn't always do for everyone.Creeking joiunts is not uncommon with me LOL!! Oh! but I still like a bop if I can manage one LOL!!Hope you hada great time.You will have to treat yourself to an extra new freezer for the Turkey .GO ON I WILL LET YOU heeeeeeeeee!!Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  8. Hi Jenny- Happy birthday to your G'son! My son's was Saturday. As for excersizes, if you like the water so much (so do I) don't you have water arobics anywhere close? It does a lot for you without all the pain from the gym type excersizes. I do hope you feel better soon and have fun at the concert! God Bless! Carolyn

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog Sometimes I Think and telling me how you read your comments. I like the blogroll way too. Nothing is perfect but it seems like it will work best for me. The only problem is I wish I could put EVERYBODY on there, LOL, but there is not enough hours in the day to read everybody. :( I don't want to leave anyone out, LOL... Sigh.

    Okay, thanks again for your advice. I believe I am sticking with it. I haven't even had a chance to add those I am following yet, I still am migrating a blog or two for my husband and me, LOL, and for some friends. Yikies, talk about last minute...

    Krissy :)