Saturday, 18 October 2008


Tea's in the oven - there's time to spare.
You switch on the computer. You just want a little peek to see how everyone is doing.
Click on 'live feed' and there they all are.
**** is playing Pathword.
****has just got her highest score on Word Challenge.
****has got the best hand yet in Texas Hold -Em Poker.
****virtual pet has just been to visit yours - and they had a good time.
Ha ha! Everyone is at their computer and you know what they are up to.
But! Hang on! What's this!
That high score I worked so hard for all last night has just been topped. Oh no!
I got to get started. Working hard ... Fingers flying and then Yes! Yes! Yes!
WhooHoo comes from the armchair as i do the 'happy jig'.
Beat em....
For now. Till Tomorrow. Till the next time. When it all starts all over again.....
Such is the life of a Facebook Addict.
Jenny <><


  1. Sorry don't know why i have got such a lot of white page. I also put paragraphs in, they have gone too.
    Jenny <><

  2. I do things like that put the tea on and before I know it birnt offerings well almost I set my kithen timer and take it with me to the PC just in case I get carried away. Sorry about you big space sorry I can;t help. Love Joan,

  3. If you are addicted to Facebook you really dont want to try Pogo!!! hee hee Im absolutely addicted to pogo its a game's site lots of lovely games and you can collect badges too! Its if your interested LOL Lainey xxx

  4. Terrible, isn't it, Jenny. Can't deny succumbing to the same affliction lol