Monday, 6 October 2008

Busy weekend

Well i have been over my daughters this weekend helping her get g'daughter's bag packed for her trip. Just about now she will be landing at Berlin and meeting her host family. She was a bit tearful when she went as this is her first trip abroad and to fly then stay 10 days with complete stangers when you are only 12 is daunting. But she is a friendly girl and not shy so i know she will soon be having a good time.
This has not given me any time to look at blogs and comment but i will get around to everyone.
Tomorrow the gym saga starts again.... how will the backside stand up to its pounding this week i wonder????
There is a fatal flaw to Blogger i have found. Look at the bottom of my page and you will find a game i have added from gadgets. It is so easy to add things to your page with gadget, but beware this game is addictive!!!!


  1. I am seeing more and more gadgets added to the blogs I read. There seems to be no end to what can be added. So far I've not taken the time to get very fancy with mine as it all takes precious minutes to sort it all out. Good for you to find one I've not seen before.
    Good luck with that saddle.
    'On Ya' - ma

  2. I am sure she will have a wonderful time and it will pass very quickly. She will be full of it when she gets back.

  3. I too love all these gadgets so of them work some don't Van Gogh does not. Hope your daughter enjoys her trip. Love Joan.

  4. Hopefully your G'daughter will have a real good time and see lot's of neat new things. That would be a really great trip~ Jenny, I wish you hadn't told us about the game below! I'm a collapse Junkie! God Bless! Have a wonderful week~ Carolyn