Friday, 20 July 2012


Thought i would show some family photos.  Everything has stopped now for the summer holidays, except for the rain.  Just one more bible study and then nothing more till September.  I cannot believe how fast this year has gone.  So as promised some photos.
Grandaughter in her prom dress

This is her brother my youngest Grandson, probably taken in the last year so he looks a bit taller and older now.  Hard to get a good photo of him as he is usually the one taking the photos or making videos he puts on Youtube.

 This is my son, daughter-in-law and all my other grandchildren.

My two Grandsons with their children, my Great Grandchildren.  How lucky am I :)

My oldest Granddaughter and her brother, my Grandson

Found one of youngest a bit older than the other photo.

My son and Granddaugter

Think that will do for now.  It is very hard to get them altogether for a group photo and some of them hate having their pictures taken, but i am blessed with 7 lovely Grandkids and 2 Grt Grandkids.

Jenny <><

Thursday, 28 June 2012

It's all over

It's all over

 All my Granddaughter's exams are over, no more revision for us both.  I think we were all revisioned out by the end.  To celebrate i took her to Wildwood Italian restaurant where we shared as a starter a platter of ham, salami, buffalo mozzeralla cheese, pesto, olives and some wonderful bread.  We both had the rissoto of chicken, mushroom, pancetta, peas and parmasan cheese for mains and i had mango and raspberry sorbet and Chloe chocolate brownie and ice cream.  Yummy! 

This was a lovely, just Nanny and Granddaughter time, we both enjoyed very much and will have to do it again sometime and with my other Granddaughter as well.

Granddaughter with boyfriend earlier in the year

January my daughter had one of those milestone birthdays and a few days before she started to get swollen glands and feel ill.  She was determined not to give into it though and enjoy her birthday party.  It was the first real birthday party she had had and we did up the house and had a big cake.  All her friends and family came and everyone enjoyed themselves.  My daughter tried hard to have a good time but she was really very ill.

The next day she was so bad she had to go to A&E as her neck and glands were so swollen that she could barely move her head.  It turns out she had Quincy in both sides of her throat.  (qunicy - very painful abcesses behind the tonsils usually accompanied with tonsilitis).  The hospital wanted to keep her there incase her throat closed completely, but she was adament she wanted to come home.  They compromised but giving her a double steriod injection and told her to come back immediately if it got worse.  She also had two different antibiotics to take.  Thankfully the swelling started to go down very quickly after that but she was in great pain and very ill for the next two weeks and i stayed with her for that time.

One of the few things she could eat was the birthday cake as it was a lovely sponge cake from Costco.  Unfortunately one night her puppy was having a mad run round and went so fast across the kitchen floor the only place to go was a jump onto the table.  What joy he had when he found the cake and managed in minutes to gulp down most of it and the icing.  I then had a puppy high on sugar for a day and a half and feeling a bit sickly.  Daughter was not pleased that he had demolished the one thing she was enjoying.  



It took her quite a while to get her strength back but now she will be straight to the doctors the minute she gets a twinge in her throat glands.

So much easier to put photos in now will show some more of family next time.

Jenny <><

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Sign that makes you Wonder: Miracles

Ok, I just want to share with you something that happened last month, as well as test out if I can do a post from my laptop, which would be so handy. Well you wait all your life to see an actual miracle happen and then two come along nearly together. Now both these things that I am going to tell you about I have seen on YouTube, and heard about, and have no reason to doubt the tellers of the tale. But, that is not the same as seeing it for yourself. So the first miracle. A man in our church, middle aged, three children, teacher, very upright and sober, his parents are in the same church and they also are very upright, sober people, full of integrity. I have known him since he was a teenager. I am just painting a picture of him so that you realise that if he made anything up, his children and parents would have soon shouted out. Well he had been having a bad time of it lately especially at work being a supply teacher, you never know what school you will be in, or even if you will be needed anywhere so financially it can be scary. Well one night he didn't sleep very well and had a feeling that God was going to do something, he didn't know what, but just something. He went to school that day and ate an apple but a piece of skin got stuck between his back teeth and wouldn't come out. He worried at it all day and when he came home, in annoyance went to the bathroom to see if he could get it out. He looked in the mirror and instead of seeing his usual tooth that needed a filling, there before him was a total gold tooth. Now this was a tooth that needed a dentist, but not anymore. It looks exactly like a tooth but is gold. I have heard of this happening so many times and have seen them on Yutube, but to see one in the flesh, so to speak, from someone I know and trust, that is another thing. At the moment he is waiting to get it xrayed for free from a Christian dentist he knows. This happened at a time when he needed to know that his Daddy God in heaven would and could look after and provide for him. Miracle number two. There is a thing called 'Healing on the Streets'. It does what it says, a group of people regularly go out on the streets, set up with some chairs and anyone walking by who wants prayers for healing or anything, can go and sit on a chair and people will pray for you. All vey simple. Well I went for the training days that was to be Friday evening and Saturday morning, and then in the afternoon we was going out on the street to practice what we had learnt. The man who was training us was the very man who had set up the whole 'Healing on the Streets', originally. We had just finished training on the Saturday and ready for lunch then out on the street we were going, when Mark the trainer said, he would just give us a quick demo of what we would be doing. He asked if there was anyone sick who would like prayer. He picked the person who put his hand up first, an elderly man in his early to mid seventies (I think, forgive me if your not). He asked him the problem and he said that his knees and hips hurt when he walked, or stood for any length of time, and reckoned he had a bit of arthritis. Mark got him to sit down and put his legs out, and yes there was a difference in leg length. Three times he had him stand and sit back down with his hips and bottom fully into the back of the chair and every time there was the same difference in leg length. Now this wasn't a tiny difference but a good one and a half to two inches. I don't think the man could see really as he was tall with very long legs, but I was at the feet end and very close, as Mark had told us all to gather round. A lot of people videoed on their phones what happened next but I hadn't thought to take mine out of my bag and wasn't going to lose my front row place to get it. So there he sat with his legs out in front of him, Mark lightly taking the weight of his legs with his fingers placed gently under his Achilles tendons. I was determined not to blink and miss anything and kept my eyes wide open and watched. Mark only said a couple of words and I can't remember what, and then suddenly his leg began to move. It wasn't so much that the we saw the leg grow longer as he was obviously wearing trousers, but more that the gap between the two feet slowly and steadily disappeared until both heels were beside one another and the legs of equal length. The man sat quite still in his chair, no one was pulling on his leg, nothing else moved, except we stood and watched one foot move slowly down until they were both of equal length. It was one of those wow, moments. I am told by my minister (who has seen it happen before) that he was watching my face and he said my eyes grew bigger and bigger like saucers as I watched. Well as you can imagine we went out with a high expectancy rate on to the street after lunch when it was our turn. At the end of about two and a half hours on the street, we all got called over to finish up and go home. The man who now had two legs the same, had been standing on a corner giving out leaflets about what we were up to, he came running and skipping cross the road with a big grin on his face. He was pain free. No aching hips and knees like he normally had, his wife agreeing with him that usually by now he would be complaining of the pain. What a wonderful God. Now I have known lots of people become free from pain after prayer, my husband being one of them on many occasions, but this was the first time I had actually seen a miracle as it happened and with the tooth something that can be seen. So that is my tale of the two miracles and I just hope I get to see many more. Jenny

Friday, 1 June 2012

It was a year ago tomorrow...

Yes 2nd June 2011 was the last time i wrote in this blog, how the time has flown by, and it seems nothing much has changed.  A year ago i wrote about doing revision with my granddaughter and i am still doing revision with her as she is right in the middle of her GCSE exams and has left secondary school and is on study leave. Next September she starts at college and in July she has her prom. I asked her if she still wanted to meet with me on a Monday night when she goes to college to give her encouragement and she said, of course.  She reckons we can do revision by Skype when she goes to Uni.

Now i have to say here that my Granddaughter is very bright, but she does have a few problems that affect her concentration and organising herself to revise and that is where i come in. Sometimes all i do is sit and read and offer suggestions while she works, other times it might just be encouragement that she really can do it, but if it means she gets the A's she has been predicted then i am happy.

Since i last wrote on here i have become a Great Grandmother twice over to little Danny and Ella. Danny arrived just before Christmas and Ella a month and half after.  I am really blessed with so many grandchildren.  My youngest Grandson is now into photography and making videos and putting them on 'Youtube'.  So we have to check the rooms out now because he is good at leaving his camcorder running in a room without you knowing. 

A few weeks ago i went to a conference and meet a fellow blogger there, she has put a photo of us on her blog, 'Ramblings from an English Garden'.  We must have been at other things together and not known it, so it was good to meet her at last.

It is the Queens Diamond Jubilee Weekend and i am watching a splendid programme where Prince Charles is showing the family videos of when he was a child.  It is lovely watching the Queen playing and running around with her children when they were small.  I have found my two small union jack flags and stuck them in my flower pot outside my front door.  

Well since i was last on here it seems blogger has changed and i suppose i will have to learn how to put photos and things in it all over again and find out how it works and hopefully not leave it so long next time.




Thursday, 2 June 2011

What are our schools teaching????

I have been helping my granddaughter with her GCSE revision.  Law was straight forward as it was just about learning facts about the law.  But some of the other subjects are just pure propaganda, social engineering and indoctrination.

I always thought science taught you things like how the heart worked.  The difference between arteries and veins.  What is chlorophyll, chemical reactions etc.  In short facts about how things work.  Not about whether culling badgers stops cattle from catching TB, or ‘pump head’ which may or may not be caused from being put on a heart lung machine, but the statistics seem to show nobody knows.

What is the point of discussing situations that the experts do not know the answers to, when the children don’t know in the first place what TB is or how the lungs work.

RE, which is only half  a GCSE, you might think should be about learning about the world’s religions.  No, it is about common sense and all answers must be given using common sense only and therefore they are not taught any real facts, but are asked to give their thoughts only.  As long as it is common sense of course.

Global warming is taught as fact, rather than the views are divided between equally qualified scientists and the science is changing on it all the time.

People complain about faith schools indoctrinating faith into the kids, but you send your children to a faith school so that they will be taught within that ethos.  It’s your choice.  State schools obviously are indoctrinating our kids with the secular ideals of the day.  They are socially engineering in the worst way regardless of the truth of what they are teaching.  Social ideas change with the wind and media propaganda.  I doubt most parents realise what they are being taught and would be concerned if they knew.

New age, meditation (in an unhealthy way) are just some of the things being done in schools regardless of the dangers or whether the parents approve.  Our schools are creating a society that may come back and bite us on the backside in years to come.  I’m quite glad that i won’t be around to see it but fear for my younger family.

Jenny <><

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

We are what we think!

Belief System

If you accept a belief,

You reap a thought.

If you sow a thought,

You reap an attitude.

You sow an attitude,

You reap an action.

If you sow an action,

You reap a habit.

If you sow a habit,

You reap a character.

If you sow a character,

You reap a destiny.

I don’t know who wrote the above but it is so true.  You are what you think.  Whatever is at the front of your mind all the time becomes the way you behave.  If you tell yourself your a nasty  horrible person, then you will find yourself behaving that way. 

If you say, i can’t do that your won’t.  Tell yourself everything always goes wrong for you and it will.  You get the picture.  Think miserable thoughts.  You most certainly will be miserable.

The opposite works exactly the same as well.  Guess what the doers, the go-getters are thinking.  The happy people, the contented, the encouragers of this world. 

So we have it in our hands to choose how we think.  Sometimes hard I know, but you have to take every thought captive and dismiss the bad and choose to think good things.

Start telling yourself, you can, i will, i am.  Think how you can help others, rather than what others may have done to you.  When you feel down, put on some happy music and think of good things.  There is a lot to be said for counting your blessings.

It takes about 40 days to create a habit either good or bad, so start now to create some good habits in the way you think and see how much your life will change and your blood pressure go down.

Remember you are what you think.

Jenny <><

Friday, 6 May 2011

Back to school

In 2 weeks G’daughter has her Law exam or at least part of it.  They seem to do their exams in dribs and drabs now.  She struggles with revision and says she cannot do it without me.  So we have already done about 8 hours with many more to come.  Law is her first exam, then comes Child development, Science, Graphics and quite a few more.

Law though i knew nothing about before i started.  At the beginning of the year we did about 18 hours for her mocks and if i remember rightly she got an A for that so we are hoping for an A* this time.

I now know far more about law than i ever figured I'd need, but if it is going to help i do it willingly.  She is on her own with German though, learning that on the quick to help is just beyond me.

You have to laugh though because one of her friends is coming round her house to revise with her because she is struggling with the revision too.  Soon i will have a little school lol.  They do seem to do the exams very different from when i did mine.  We did 2 years of study then an exam at the end.  They learn a bit, then an exam, then another bit, then another exam. 

If she gets good high grades then she can choose what she wants to do at college, low grades and she has to take what they will accept her for.

Well enough about that, what else is happening.  Well did i tell you about the revision ha, ha.

To be quite honest the days are just going by pretty much the same each day.  Get up, housework, eat, computer, bed.  Sounds boring but sometimes the predictability of each day can be a blessing, and of course i am never alone, there is always my God by my side to talk to and put a smile on my face as we sing and share the day together.

Jenny <><