Sunday, 6 December 2009

Even More illness

Now it's my turn to have the dreaded virus. Cannot stop coughing, chest is tight and wheezy. Hope it goes soon.

Swine flu vacine. Two doctors i know plus a pharmacist said that they wouldn't have the vacination under any circumstances. That's good enough for me.

Jenny <><

Thursday, 19 November 2009

More illness

This week it has been my daughters turn to be ill. Last week she had a head cold and then on Monday i get a text telling me she was in a lot of pain in her back when she breathed. I persuaded her to go to the doctors and he said she had pleurisy. G'son was also at home with a temperature so i packed my bags and off i went. The bottom bunk was again my bed but i slept like a log on it.

I am home now and daughter is on the mend and g'son back to school. I have has a chance though last week to get most of my christmas presents and they are wrapped. Having problems though trying to get my head round how soon it is to christmas.

Short one this time as it has been a long week and there is still a few days to go.

Jenny <><

Monday, 9 November 2009

Life things

Well in the last couple of weeks i have had a birthday although they are not so exciting these days as it just means your a year nearer your pension. Hubby has had that bad cold virus that is going around and now he has a chest infection. The Doc has given him steroids as well as antibiotics and upped his preventative asthma spray. Thankfully he has a week's holiday now so hopefully he will be better when he goes back.

I have been on a 2 day christian conference and had a wonderful but challenging time. I am trying to work through those challenges now so some hard thinking is going on.

I was watching a green woodpecker the other day come right up to the back of the house. He was pecking away at the lawn and obviously finding things to eat which then made me realise that i hadn't seen any Crane flies this year. Not a one. The last few years i had only seen a few but none this year. Do you remember when September you only needed to open the door a crack and in they would all fly. Everyone would squeal and then you would spend the rest of the night trying to catch them. They never worried me and it didn't mind holding them.

Before they become a flying beastie they live just under the ground (usually the lawn) as a grub, looking like a brown Caterpillar called a Leather jacket. When i was about 6 i could usually be found with my pet leather jacket living in a match box in my pocket. What a sad child i was. Now, has the woodpecker eaten all the Leather Jackets? Or does anyone have another idea?

Very soon daughter and g'son will be round for a burial down the garden. The hamster has died and out of the two they have this is the favourite. Smudge only lasted about 18 months and was a very pretty laid back hamster. If anyone was to dig up the bottom of our garden it is full of bones. Hamsters, gerbils, budgies, cat, dog. G'son lives in a flat so that is why Smudge is going to spend the rest of his days with us.

Well they have just gone and Smudge has been duly dispatched under a lovely Cordyline tree, and g'son has gone off for ice hockey practice.

Going to go christmas shopping this week but i have no idea what to get so it should be fun.

Jenny <><

Friday, 23 October 2009

Thursday, 22 October 2009

New Blog

For some time now i have been thinking of starting a new blog. Yes even though i have struggled to keep this one going, so don't laugh. But anyway, i have took the plunge and wrote my first post last night. It will be a christian blog journaling all that has been going on in my life over the last couple of years.

It is not a devotional. I do not intend putting prayers, thoughts of the day, poems etc. into it. It will be as the title suggests my 'learnings and yearnings' as they happen and have been happening. My walk with the Lord as i try to make sense out of what he is doing in these extraordinary times we find ourselves in.

So now all i have to do is try to do the links right, it is such a long time since i did it not sure if i remember how.

Hope this works.

Jenny <><

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Well this is my first blog since February. Where have I been? Facebook. I notice a lot of other people haven't blogged for a while as well.

What have i been up to? Well, in June hubby was 60 so i took him to Rye for the week. On his actual b'day we went to a Steam train railway at Tenterden Kent. We stayed in a lovely B&B we had stayed in last August and the weather was fine.

On 2 separate weekends i went with daughter and g'son to Nottingham to an ice hockey school, where we just sat around the Ice Arena (where Torvil and Dean used to train) while he enjoyed himself with 2 whole days of ice time. Unfortunately after the new term started he decided he wanted to be a goalie and as they had no other, and he has great potential to be very good so they say, he was accepted. This is a whole different kind of training and kit. So we have had to get him all new kit at a price i am not even going to begin to tell you, but i think a mortgage would have been cheaper.

Summer holidays found us in North Somerset in a wonderful cottage near Burnham on Sea. There is so much to do in the area that we are thinking of going back next year to finish the area off.

Our winter week's hols is coming up soon but as we are all spent up not sure if we are going anywhere. Maybe a few days back to Rye. We like it there and it is not too long a drive for a few days.

The day after Boxing Day sees our 40th Wedding Anniversary, Ruby. Where has the time gone. Now you know why this is called 'Stop The Clock'. The beginning of January also sees me being made redundant from my job, so a new chapter begins.

Well that's my year in a few sentences. I am hoping to blog more frequently and wean myself off of my dependence on Face Book, although i would never give it up forever.

Jenny <><

Friday, 13 February 2009

Back again

It's been a long while since i have last posted and there has been no real excuse except for a month of birthdays (now over), a lot of tiredness and Facebook games.

January is the month when most of the family where born so it seems and coming right after Christmas keeps you busy and your purse empty. Usually by January i have run out of ideas.

Tiredness - because i have been going to bed late and Facebook games!!!! What can i say... TV is boring and when you are tired you can play without too much thought.

G'kids are all doing well. The littlest one has played a couple of games for his ice hockey team and is getting better by the day. He fair zips across the ice and enjoys all the speed and body contact. I will put some pics up later. Youngest g'daughter has just been awarded a 'Jack Petchy' award by her Youth Club, which is an award for achievement earned. She was nominated by her peers and the leaders agreed and put her forward. Schools, youth clubs and uniformed organisations (scouts etc.) join the scheme nominating someone who they think deserves it. You get a framed award, a badge and a sum of money that is used for the good of the club and the kudos that goes with getting it.

Jack Petchy who started it up is still alive and if you google his name you can find out more about him and the scheme.

Hubby had another tooth abscess and another lot of antibiotic and was most miserable as this was the second time in a few months and not forgetting his chest infection he had, and i have got back into swimming and church activities.

And after that quick update i will leave now and try and write a longer post on a completely different subject.

Jenny <><

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Christmas Pictures

Actually took some photos this christmas and managed to put them on the computer. Also managed to get some photos of my other G'kids too. Yipeee! I usually cannot pin them down long enough to take snaps.

So here they are:

G'daughter and eldest G'son

Second eldest G'son

Next G'son one of twins.

The other twin. Not identical as you can see.

Both of my lovely G'daughters.

My gorgeous D'-in-law

My youngest G'son at a fancy dress new year party.

Daughter and G'daughter at the fancy dress party.

My Son a few christmas' ago trying hard not to look at the tele when he should have been looking at the camera.

On looking again and before i get into trouble actually youngest G'daughter took a lot of this christmas' pics.

Well that is my immediate family.

Jenny <><