Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Playing with this

Well i am having a good time playing with this. I must admit i like the way you can put gadgets on the sidebar and at the bottom. It still doesn't look visually as nice as AOL though.
I have tried to cover all bases and have put people in my IE 'favourites', RSS feed and become a follower and put people in my dashboard. I should find you somewhere. There are still people whose 'pooters are down, on holiday or just haven't posted for a while who have yet to hear what is happening. I hope they don't leave it too late. I know Guido is trying to cover that.
I have had my second go at the Gym and i have saddle sores on my butt. It is sore! Do you think anyone will notice if i go tomorrow with a cushion down my trousers. The cycling was no problem but after 10 minutes my backside was in agony. Talk about chafe. It is going to have to toughen up as i have to increase my time each week. It doesn't help that i have short legs so i rock from side to side as i pedal. I am going to try Vaseline tomorrow...
Well i am off to play some more.
Jenny <><


  1. I put myself in as a follower so now you'll be able to find mine easy enough. I cannot imagine the agony you have with that saddle and chaffing. 'On Ya' - ma

  2. Hi Jenny! I'm glad you found me~ As for your time at the gym? I can relate to that and sympathize! When my son wants me to go riding with him on our very bumpy road, I feel it not only in my highknee, but all the way up to my head as well! Oh it's fun getting old! God Bless and I'm glad you're here! Love Carolyn

  3. Hi, You will have to get the saddle down a bit or your bum will never get any better. Have been a sufferer myself and am an ex cyclist. It is fun playing about with the new journal a bit apprehensive at the moment but will get there in the end. Take care,Love Joan.

  4. Good to find you've made it across to Blogger, Jenny