Thursday, 23 September 2010

New year

Unless you are a Methodist you wouldn't know but 1st September is the beginning of the year for Methodists.  Ministers start there new appointments in their new churches, the holidays are finished and all the church groups and clubs start up again after the summer break.  The Methodist year has begun.

So that's what i have been doing, getting back into the swing of it again after having August off.  I lead a bible study group so i had that to prepare.  I lead the prayer group and although that never stops i had not been for a few weeks as i had been on holiday.  I go to a Sunday fellowship group which anyone can bring a topic to talk about but usually they rely on me to do that.  Myself and a friend have started opening the church midweek for anyone who wants to come in and find quiet or wants someone to pray with them.  Hopefully in time there will be enough of us for some of us to go out to the High Street and pray for people there or bring them back to the church for prayer.  This is going to take a lot of courage and boldness but we will do it.  We are expecting to see healings and miracles from God like so many other people are at the moment.

Since i have been out of work i have been stuck in a bit during the day so i have joined a church group where they meet fortnightly and usually have speakers.  Most of the people that go started out like i did by going to the Young Wives club many years ago.  We have now graduated to Midway although being as i am probably the youngest one there and the average age is 70+ should probably be called Endstage.  But don't tell them i said that.

So that is my time spent.  I have gone from not doing a lot during the day to going out twice in 2 days, woo hoo.  I don't count the other groups as they are all in the evening.

This then and some other things in the pipeline has kept me quite lately and hopefully i will have more to tell in the future.

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Have just posted in my other blog 'Learning and Yearning' if anyone is interested.

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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Spam tab

You will be glad to know i have found the Spam tab under the comments tab.  Panic over.

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I'm back

I've been on my holidays to North Somerset and since i have been back very busy.  We went to the same cottage we went to last year as there was still lots of places that we didn't get to see.  This year we got to see Cheddar Gorge and Wookey Hole.  I went down the caves at Wookey but i am a bit of the opinion that once you have seen one cave you have seen them all.  I also have this silly feeling all the time that this is will be the day the cave caves in, lol! So once was enough i didn't bother at Cheddar but let hubby take the kids down the caves whilst me and daughter strolled through the gorge looking in all the little shops and having a cream tea.  

We also went to a car museum (leaving the girls back at the cottage, it wasn't their thing).  I will have to show the pictures when i get them on the pooter because i cannot do them justice with my description.  But there was lots of very fast sports cars, huge old American cars like you used to see in the old films and Shuumachers (not sure bout spelling) F1 racing car.  Hubby and G'son loved it.

Well this is going to be short and sweet because it was more by way of a trial run as i couldn't get to sign on to blogger on my baby computer, but i seem to have cured it by allowing some cookies that were disabled.  although this 'pooter is tiny it is easier to write with as i keep it on the dining room table.  My laptop i have on a small table and use from the armchair and is only ok to write small amounts.  It is better for playing on etc.

So now i am up and running i should be able to write more often.  

Also i am probably being a bit slow but where is this spam tab i have read about cannot see it anywhere and i seem to be getting some spam comments.

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