Friday, 10 October 2008

Today's news

G'daughter has now been in Germany on her school trip for 4 days - she went Monday. She enjoyed the flight (it was her first time), likes the food and the family she is staying with. She says they hardly talk any English though but is managing.

She hasn't been very impressed with where she has been so far - German parliament, museum - today she has gone to the zoo and i know one of the days they are going to see Mama Mia so hopefully she will enjoy them more.

She doesn't come home till next Thursday so they will have gone for a long while. G'son has a birthday coming up on the 25th and is hoping for some ice hockey gear. He will have to wait and see....

I didn't get much sleep last night, the lump on my head hurt and i was dreaming about how i was going to get off the treadmill next week without keeling over and head butting the wall. I am certainly going to have a talk with someone before i try again. It brought a whole new meaning to 'did the earth move'. I now know my hip hurts as well where i landed. And do you know, family and friends all laughed when i told them. Can you believe that????

I have to work tomorrow it's my 1 in 3 Saturdays on. I could do without it really, but i think i will take it easy. I just hope the Saturday worker comes in.

I do like the way this saves your work as you go along. I may be imagining it but it seems a lot easier to write a post on here than AOL. Well I'm off to get some food now.

Jenny <><


  1. Very nice blog, Jenny! Too bad we can't get a 'new post alert' to keep up with your latest posts. I am struggling with learning all the features on my new Blogspot Journal after being forced to abandon my AOL Journal. I am a born again Christian and a serious Bible student for the past 30 some years. Jesus is my personal Savior and the Bible is my daily bread.
    Have a great day.

    Tom Schuckman

  2. I'm sure your grandaughter is having a wonderful time in Germany. She's so lucky. Have a good weekend.

  3. Well Jenny your new home looks very bright and cheery. Pleasure to visit. Actually I think "the other place" was easier and offered more, but maybe it's just the usual whining when one has to change from the familiar. Follow me, I'll follow you.