Sunday, 12 October 2008


It has been a hard week this week not helped by it having been my 'one Saturday in three' day on. All the christmas stuff is going on the shelves and i am not the most creative person on this planet.

Sooo, I am really having this as my day of rest. Hence it is 2.30pm London time - i am still in my dressing gown - and i don't care :-) I have been eating chocolate and am playing about on here. So there!!!

I will go to church this evening and i think it is the night for our fellowship group to meet, I hope so, and start the week afresh tomorrow.

It is still sunny and warm here, i have a new flush of roses coming out into bloom and it is very quiet. ssshhh!

I bought a new CD at the shop i work in called 'A Christmas With The Gaithers'. It made hubby laugh, he said it was the ealiest he had ever heard White Christmas played. Certainly in our house.

What usually happens is, i put a christmas CD on, everyone shouts at me to turn it off, it's not christmas yet. This goes on till Christmas Eve. Christmas day we are usually out and when i try Boxing Day they then say christmas is over. So i sneaked it in today and fooled everyone. Ha! Ha!

Being as it is Sunday i thought i might add a few pictures of my g'daughter at her baptism a couple of years ago.
Sorry i have not put them in too well, never mind i will get better.
Jenny <><


  1. Lovely pictures today. Don't like shops being ready for Christmas so early but having worked in a supermarker for many years I know its a matter or room in the back store. Have a lovely Sunday and a good rest.Love Joan

  2. I know you must of been proud as punch the day she was Baptized! As for your music, enjoy what you want when you want. ;o)

  3. I love Christmas and after this month will start playing it. The music is beautiful and we need to enjoy it more than just a week at Christmas time. 'On Ya' - ma

  4. Hello Jenny thanks for adding me to Facebook - I now follow your blog too!! Love Laine xx

  5. Eating chocolates in your nighty! I love it! As for Christmas mucic already, why not when all the stores are gearing up for the secular rush already?! Maybe I ought to. The church I used to go to, we sang Christmas hymns all year round. God Bless you Jenny- I like the pictures, How wonderful! Love Carolyn. PS- I sure do miss boxing day- as we don't have it in the States and no one knows what it is!! ;-)

  6. Love Christmas music Jenny but it's a little early for me just yet lol!! Glad yougot to listen to yours though if thats what you wanted.Lovely baptism pics.I think you have done realy well with your blog.I am findng it hard to suss lots of things still.Having said that aol kicked me offline Friday and I only got reconnected yesterday Monday pm all weekend without a pooter just because of there changes.Grr so frustrating and it holds you up.Take care God Bless Kath xx

  7. Very nice pictures.
    Sometimes it's good to still be in your pajamas at 2 in the afternoon. We all need days like that. Hope you have a good weekend.