Saturday, 30 April 2011


Have just posted in my other blog Learning and Yearning.


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Just joined live writer so this is a practice blog post.  Not sure what it does yet and what all the buttons are for but i will try them all i think.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

It's been a long while.

It has been a long while since i have written in here and i make no promises now that the next post will come any quicker.  I am not even going to bother explaining what i have been up to since i last posted, life has just gone on with it's ups and downs, but one thing i will say i have bought two new things.

And they are, a new computer and a kindle.  My old computer was full and i just fancied a kindle.  Well also all my book cases are full and the books were starting to make piles on the floor.  The kindle is brilliant and i have started reading far more again, and the old classics are free.  So i read for nothing Pride and Prejudice.  Missed it when i was young so thought this is the time to really see what Darcy had been up to, and i am looking forward to reading loads.

Easter weekend my and hubby was involved in a production of the Passion Play which was played on the green next to our local theatre.  We use there electricity, roof  for spotlights and sounds.  This is the 4th time we have put it on since 1995, we aim for every 5 years depending when Easter falls in the month.  It is a big production involving over 20 churches, over a hundred cast and we had around 7,000 people come and see it over the 3 days it was on.  We had a great time and the culmination of a lot of work starting last October.

What's next?  Well i don't really know.  That is the fun of just letting God lead and see where you go.  I seem to keep going from steep learning curve to steep learning curve and can only see the next step of the road.  That next step for me is starting training with the 'Healing Rooms', but when i have done that i am not sure what next.

Meanwhile life goes on, slightly slower as i get older in the amount i do but a lot faster in time or so it seems.  Which reminds me that's why i called this blog Stop The Clock in the first place.

Jenny <><