Sunday, 4 January 2009

Christmas Pictures

Actually took some photos this christmas and managed to put them on the computer. Also managed to get some photos of my other G'kids too. Yipeee! I usually cannot pin them down long enough to take snaps.

So here they are:

G'daughter and eldest G'son

Second eldest G'son

Next G'son one of twins.

The other twin. Not identical as you can see.

Both of my lovely G'daughters.

My gorgeous D'-in-law

My youngest G'son at a fancy dress new year party.

Daughter and G'daughter at the fancy dress party.

My Son a few christmas' ago trying hard not to look at the tele when he should have been looking at the camera.

On looking again and before i get into trouble actually youngest G'daughter took a lot of this christmas' pics.

Well that is my immediate family.

Jenny <><