Monday, 5 July 2010

Hello again

Well it has been 5 months this time, so much for good intentions. Have struggled to get a bit of order to my life since being at home but i am getting better. I have got out of the house a bit more and once a week me and a friend go for a walk around our local park.

I used to get frustrated with my mum for being so slow but now i seem to be the same, everything takes forever. Mostly because hips, knees and ankles do not work as good as they used to. I don't get as much done in a day as i once did or the days are getting shorter.

The biggest thing that has happened has been my daughter moving house. On her birthday she was offered a new build 3 bedroom town house meaning she could get out of her 2 bed 2nd floor flat. Only problem it hadn't been built yet. Usually with the council you get offered a place and have to move in about 2 weeks later. Well with this house we couldn't even get near it, but just take a peep from a distance onto the building site watching it go up. The house is only 3 roads away from me, a lot nearer than the flat but still a good walk. I get there by taking a bus to the park entrance and then walk through the park, out the other side and just down the road. Takes me about 20 mins but my hubby can walk the whole distance in about 10 mins, but then he is a lot fitter.

The frustrating problem with the house was that she kept getting told it will be ready by... and it wasn't. Then you will have the keys by... and she didn't. We started packing and stopped packing. She packed the summer clothes and then had to unpack them as the weather got hotter.

Eventually on the 1st June she got the keys and moved in on the 14th and it all happened in a great rush, BUT WE DID IT!!!!

By then though we were both in agony with our backs and everything downwards and living on pain killers. Bending over packing boxes and running up and down 2 flights of stairs as her new house is a town house took there toll. But it was all worth it and now she can unpack at her leisure.

G'son has already unpacked and i think g'daughter has nearly finished. As they are both on the top floor i don't go up there too often. There are plenty of boxes in the garage though but the problem is where to put all the stuff. For the first time in 14 years they have a garden, a very small garden but nevertheless it is their space with grass and somewhere to hang out the washing.

The cat was traumatised for a while and wouldn't come out of the lounge but now she loves the garden and can hiss at the cat next door through the fence and try to pounce at the squirrel.

So the on off move has rather taken up my time this year but now it has happened so the next step is to get me a bit fitter and out and about more.

Jenny <><

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