Monday, 1 February 2010

Blogger has changed

It's only been two months and blogger has changed???

Well not only has things changed with the blog site but things have changed for me as well. I am now redundant, jobless except for a little bit of typing i do occasionally for someone. I had it all planned, all the things i was going to do and i have done none of it yet. The day after i finished work i had to go to the dentist, within a couple of hours of getting home i started to get a temperature, the shivers, achy all over. The snow came down so i was stuck in with this virus and still a toothache. The next week i went back to dentist and had a filling. Then the pain really started. The injections had irritated the nerve down the side of my jaw. Ouch!

The third Wednesday i went back to the dentist again and it was just beginning to subside, he said leave it for another two weeks to see if it settles. Thankfully it has but i still know it is there now and again.

So i have only just started to feel a little bit more normal in the last week and i have spent most of that over daughter's babysitting.

I got very down and despondent during that time. What had happened to all the things i had planned, i couldn't see how i was going to do them. That still is a problem, arranging my day, as hubby is around at all the wrong times and his sleeping pattern means i have to be quiet at times when i could be making a noise. I will also have to find places to go as well or i could find myself never going out. People keep saying it is early days, but we will see.

Daughter is ill again with a cold that seems like it might have gone to her chest. I have never in a long while known so many nasty viruses around and they seem to linger and keep coming back. It's the cough you cannot get rid of either.

I bought myself a Wii fit+ just before Christmas and i have yet to set it up and use it. That was one of the things i was going to do when i finished work, GET FIT. So far as i have not done anything or gone anywhere i am stiffer than i have ever been. My hip seems to have set. So feel free anyone to challenge me to see if i have got the contraption set up and am using it in the next 6 months lol!

My other leaving work treat, is this that i am typing on, my new toy, a netbook. I love it. I can look at what is happening while i am having breakfast. Stick it in my bag and take it over daughter's and play on facebook when I'm there. I have wanted one for awhile. That will be the last of the treats though now I'm not earning :( Never mind i have more than enough of everything i need.

Jenny <><


  1. Long time no see! Sounds like you have had a tough time with illness but like you say this seems to have been the worst winter for viruses I have known. Fortunately only had a cold myself but that was the first for many years and just about everyone I know has had something.

    Hope you get your wii fit operating soon.

  2. Sorry to hear you have been having such a rough time of it but now hopefully you are on the mend and better days are coming. I'll be retiring from my job in a couple months and am looking forward to doing lots I never have time for.

  3. Sorry about you losing your job ~ Hopefully things can only get better for you ~ Allyx

  4. Sorry that you had so much dental problems. Yes there has been a lot of illness going around this winter. My daughter coughed for two months with doc's visits and a lot of medicines. Hope you can find a job soon. They are scarce these days. Helen

  5. Hey Jenny! I know I see you on facebook but its lovely to see a blog from you. Great minds think alike eh? I blogged today too as you know! I have had this terrible cold bug thingy for about ten days now, its been horrible, Ive managed to work with it though, I just had one day off last Friday, I was still feeling really rough today though! Im so full of it still, and, like you say, its the cough thats hard to get rid of!

    Im so sorry about you losing your job. Things will be on the up now, as Ally says!

    I wonder about a netbook, I did get John one and he loves it, they are a bit more portable than the old lappy arent they!

    I challenge you to do the Wii!! hee hee!!

  6. Hi Jenny,welcome back to blogging.Sorry to read your redundant it's such a common word just now isn't it.I feel so sorry for so many people who have experianced this.I had that couch virus for weeks,and it ended up settling on my chest,some days I couldn't breath, it drains you.I hope your Daughter soon gets well.Ouch also with the teeth problems.Good luck when you get the Wii up and running I could do with joining you LOL!!The netbook sounds a great item.Have a great week.Hope you all feel better soon and Quietly does it when Hubby's around Shhhhhh He-He.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  7. I'm so sorry to read about your redundancy!
    I hope good fortune comes your way soon.

    There is nothing worse than being laid low for ages with a virus.
    I have ony had a cold this year but I have to admit because of my health I have to have all the swine flu and flu jabs going so don't expect to catch anything really bad.
    I wish you well. It's nice to see you blogging again. I must get my finger out too!
    Jeanie xxx

  8. nice to see you on here.sorry about the news though.hope things get better soon,tc mort xx

  9. We have been going through similar things, my friend. Hope you are better soon!