Thursday, 15 July 2010

Help needed

Ok folks, help is needed.  I wrote a long blog piece for my other blog 'Yearning and Learning'.  I wrote it in word and then copied and pasted it in.  But it wouldn't accept it.  

What did i do wrong and how can i write a post somewhere else before transferring it to here.  

Any ideas?

Jenny <><


  1. Hi Jenny I keep getting disconnected by AOL today so I havn't been able to do much at all.So much so I am at my wits end.Came to try do a few comments and found your post at the top of the dashboard,so thought I would do this comment whilst my connection is still alive LOL!!I have always done my postings in an aol e. mail and then copied and pasted but only the script not the pictures, it has always worked for me .Try it unless someone else comes up with a better suggestion for you.Good Luck .Take Care God Bless Kath

  2. I often do that and it does work, are you seeing the html mode...try the other (we now have two choices) that is the only thing I know that is new.

  3. I suggest you copy the text of your entry into Notepad. Then copy and paste into a new blogpost. Insert pics &c afterwards.

  4. I found some months ago that blogger was not accepting copying and pasting into posts (mind anyhow). I changed over to 'blogger in draft' and it does it perfectly.