Friday, 16 July 2010


I am sitting here with my ear phones in my ears plugged into this computer.  First night of the Proms is on the TV, it's something heavy by Mahler.  I have the sound on the TV turned off.  Every time i go on to another web page i get my ears blasted.  The last blast was 'you have mail', nearly took my ears off.  Why you might ask, and i can only say, 'i don't know'.  I was watching something on BBC IPlayer and haven't bothered to either turn TV back up or unplug my ears.  I do so like being different lol!

G'daughter has fried the innards of her laptop by using it on the bed where all the air vents have been covered causing it to overheat and burn something out.  Shop is looking at it and hopefully it can be mended.  It will still cost though but is cheaper than buying a new one.

Complete change of subject.  I was hoping to get my bus freedom pass when i was 60, then they changed the rules and i will have to be 61 and four months and four days before i can get it and a pension.  Now they are talking of speeding up bringing women up to 65 before getting their pass.  So now i don't know when or if i will get one.  Silly thing is hubby got his at 60 and he will be working to 65.  Poor me :(

Now, i am hungry but don't know what to eat, i'm thirsty but cannot make my mind up what to drink.  The man singing on the TV (without sound) looks a bit constipated the faces he is pulling so i will give Mahler a miss.  Think i will find something good on pooter to listen to being as my ears are still plugged in to it.

What do you think....

Jenny <><


  1. Perhaps you could get a heat stand for your Grandaughter ,for her laptop to stand on whilst on the bed ,it allows the air to circulate under neath ,bad luck about the bus pass I hope you get it at the next try Jan xx

  2. I alway have my laptop on an old gardening book it keeps the heat off my knees too. LOve the I player its so handy when you have missed something it save me getting upset sometimes. Love Joan