Saturday, 17 July 2010

I’m sitting in my dining room looking out at my garden.  At the bottom of the garden is an enormous Oak tree.  I love this tree and have watched it grow for over 35 years, and boy has it grown in the last few years.

This tree is full of life from top to bottom although strangely not very often full of acorns.  In fact the tree could be called Oak city due to the way it is used by the wild life.

Let me explain.  In the top quarter the crows perch and once but only once nested.  Half way down the tree to the bottom of the tree the wood pigeons like to sit.  They don’t seem to like the very top, probably sways too much for them to hold on.  Again half way down to the  bottom the magpies come, usually with a view to annoy and bully any other bird that seems like good sport.

Blue and great tits flit in and out the bottom half.  Surprisingly it’s sparrows and starlings that never seem to use it.  Black birds and robins perch in the bottom branches also and green woodpeckers run up and down the trunk.

Now I must mention the green woodpeckers because my husband is always moaning about the holes they leave in the lawn.  That’s a whole different discussion, but when he described the size of said woodpecker he reckoned it to be about the size of a small penguin by where his hand was off the ground.  Having explained to him they are about the size of the magpies without the long tail he just grunted.  So of course now whenever we see one we just shout, ‘your penguin is in the garden’.

If you look closely at the trunk of the tree there are ants running up and down.  Now how far they go I have no idea as I have never climbed the tree and don’t intend to, but it would be interesting to know though.

When we have a good crop of acorns there are plenty of squirrels about and then the magpies really have fun.  They seem to like nothing better than annoy the squirrels.  It gives me hours of pleasure watching them think up new ways to rattle the squirrels who in the end get so angry they end up chasing them.

So there you have it my Oak tree like a city to lots of diverse birds and creatures all living in their particular part of it, and I cannot sit and look at it without seeing something of the glory of God’s creation before me.

 Jenny <><


  1. a whole city in one tree.ive just been watching a squirrel stealing nuts from a supposedly squirrel proof feeder. obviously the squirrel dont take care,mort x

  2. What a lovely entry ,Fancy watching the tree grow for all these years ,and then to have all these wonderful things happeniong in your Oak City ,You are truly blessed Jan xx

  3. I am surrounded by tress here where I camp and they are fascinating to watch. Like cities within themselves for sure. I like the description you gave of your oak. We don't have any magpies or green woodpeckers here. But we do have loads of others. I guess I'll never get bored at all as long as I'm able to be here in these woods

  4. What a wonderful entry really enjoy the tour of the tree. GreenWoodpeckers now there's a thing you know how keen we are on bird watching we have not seen one this year yet so enjoy the sightings. We have a tree at the bottom of our garden too its a sycamore and we feel like you about it when there's a big wind we worry so much especially just now when it is full sail. You may have seen the winds we are having just now if you have seen any of the golf from St Andrews. Take care and thank you for sharing your tree. Love Joan

  5. Nancy I enjoyed reading about your Oak Tree City ~ it sounds like a Heaven for the wild life ~ and how lovely for you to be able to watch them ~ Ally x

  6. Hi Jenny! Thanks so much for the follow! I am your newest follower as well!

    I enjoy seeing God in nature! I love the way oak trees become so big and grand -- housing so many creatures.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  7. What a smashing entry. I love how you gave us the image of Oak Tree City in your garden. My sister gets woodpeckers in her garden which cause havoc too. She took a look to find out why and they were actually digging for the ants under her grass. She hadn't realised she had so many ants until then. Perhaps that why your woodpecker is making all the holes?
    I really enjoyed this visit.
    Jeanie x

  8. One thing I really love about our neighborhood is that it is an old one with old trees. I love watching the wildlife doing their daily "living" in our trees.

  9. Have it all here too but without the oak tree!!