Monday, 9 November 2009

Life things

Well in the last couple of weeks i have had a birthday although they are not so exciting these days as it just means your a year nearer your pension. Hubby has had that bad cold virus that is going around and now he has a chest infection. The Doc has given him steroids as well as antibiotics and upped his preventative asthma spray. Thankfully he has a week's holiday now so hopefully he will be better when he goes back.

I have been on a 2 day christian conference and had a wonderful but challenging time. I am trying to work through those challenges now so some hard thinking is going on.

I was watching a green woodpecker the other day come right up to the back of the house. He was pecking away at the lawn and obviously finding things to eat which then made me realise that i hadn't seen any Crane flies this year. Not a one. The last few years i had only seen a few but none this year. Do you remember when September you only needed to open the door a crack and in they would all fly. Everyone would squeal and then you would spend the rest of the night trying to catch them. They never worried me and it didn't mind holding them.

Before they become a flying beastie they live just under the ground (usually the lawn) as a grub, looking like a brown Caterpillar called a Leather jacket. When i was about 6 i could usually be found with my pet leather jacket living in a match box in my pocket. What a sad child i was. Now, has the woodpecker eaten all the Leather Jackets? Or does anyone have another idea?

Very soon daughter and g'son will be round for a burial down the garden. The hamster has died and out of the two they have this is the favourite. Smudge only lasted about 18 months and was a very pretty laid back hamster. If anyone was to dig up the bottom of our garden it is full of bones. Hamsters, gerbils, budgies, cat, dog. G'son lives in a flat so that is why Smudge is going to spend the rest of his days with us.

Well they have just gone and Smudge has been duly dispatched under a lovely Cordyline tree, and g'son has gone off for ice hockey practice.

Going to go christmas shopping this week but i have no idea what to get so it should be fun.

Jenny <><


  1. Starlings eat leatherjackets, Jenny. Late happy birthday wishes :-)

  2. Happy Birthday. I always say they are a blessing as we've had another year to enjoy life. Good luck with your shopping. It's nice you are getting an early start.

  3. Our backyard is a boneyard as well! We have our pet chickens, dogs and our hog Gus back there. Andrew likes to make the crosses, but I've only let him put up 1 or people would gossip lol! I'm glad you're blogging again Jenny!

  4. We get a green Woodpecker in the garden too - maybe it is the same one!!

    My son used to collect crane flies in a matchbox when about 8 and then open it up to frighten the girls.

    We have not had anything like we usually have but there have been some if I had the windows open at night with the light on.

  5. As it is so unusual in my experience to come across another blogger who lives in the vicinity I have been through the whole of your 3 blogs out of interest.

    I 'full screened' the Christmas photos b ut did not recognise anyone b ut I am guessing that is yu with the blond hair with your grandaughter and daughter at the fancy dress party.

    I have your E-mail so will be in touch soon.

  6. So sorry about your grandson's hampster. We have a lot of loved pets buried in our back yard too. Glad to see a post from you and glad you are doing well.