Friday, 13 February 2009

Back again

It's been a long while since i have last posted and there has been no real excuse except for a month of birthdays (now over), a lot of tiredness and Facebook games.

January is the month when most of the family where born so it seems and coming right after Christmas keeps you busy and your purse empty. Usually by January i have run out of ideas.

Tiredness - because i have been going to bed late and Facebook games!!!! What can i say... TV is boring and when you are tired you can play without too much thought.

G'kids are all doing well. The littlest one has played a couple of games for his ice hockey team and is getting better by the day. He fair zips across the ice and enjoys all the speed and body contact. I will put some pics up later. Youngest g'daughter has just been awarded a 'Jack Petchy' award by her Youth Club, which is an award for achievement earned. She was nominated by her peers and the leaders agreed and put her forward. Schools, youth clubs and uniformed organisations (scouts etc.) join the scheme nominating someone who they think deserves it. You get a framed award, a badge and a sum of money that is used for the good of the club and the kudos that goes with getting it.

Jack Petchy who started it up is still alive and if you google his name you can find out more about him and the scheme.

Hubby had another tooth abscess and another lot of antibiotic and was most miserable as this was the second time in a few months and not forgetting his chest infection he had, and i have got back into swimming and church activities.

And after that quick update i will leave now and try and write a longer post on a completely different subject.

Jenny <><


  1. Glad you took a few moments to catch up with us. I did the round of January birthdays too. Thankfully we got together and did the bunch all at one time in one place. It is pretty iffy as far as traveling goes for us with all the January snow. Hopefully February will be much better. I only have one February birthday and we did his along with the January ones. It'll really get busy finding gifts again in April as I have a few then too. Take care and write soon.
    'On Ya'-ma

  2. not often i post jenny,facebook is a good place for us all to keep in touch though.take care mort xx

  3. Well done to the Grandchildren Jenny.How proud you must be.Good to read you again.I hope hubby soon gets well what a nightmare he has had with his mouth problems poor lad.Prayers he soon heals.Take Care God Bless. " Happy Gaming" LOL!!Kath xx

  4. Jenny, you and I play too many games! I am having too much fun with mindless games too. I can't help it though, at the end of the day, it's nice to do something so silly! Good for your grand daughter! How proud you must be. Hope your DH gets better soon. That hurts a lot to have anything like that! God Bless and keep us posted between games!

  5. Jenny I do hope Hubby is feeling better ~ can imagine how proud you are of the Grandchildren ~ enjoy playing your games as you say there isn't much on TV worth watching :o) ~ Ally x

  6. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for the warm comment on my Journal. I know all about acute dental pain after having permanent Titanium screws drilled into my front lower jaw to accept 'new teeth.'
    Will you please email me and tell me about your national health and dental care in the UK? Seems like America is going socialist...Ha!

    Tom Schuckman

  7. I changed the name of my blog. I took my name out of the title. I didn't want anyone to be able to find me so easily by just typing in my name.

    New name is: A middle aged mom's upside down world.

    New address is:

    If you're a follower you should get updates as you're all still listed, but to be on the safe side, you could delete and re-add yourself if you just have me in your favorites and follow that way, you'll need to add my new address and delete the old.


  8. Hey there Jenny! Of course I'll add you to my private readers list but I need you to send me an email so I can add you. I don't have an email address for you.