Thursday, 19 November 2009

More illness

This week it has been my daughters turn to be ill. Last week she had a head cold and then on Monday i get a text telling me she was in a lot of pain in her back when she breathed. I persuaded her to go to the doctors and he said she had pleurisy. G'son was also at home with a temperature so i packed my bags and off i went. The bottom bunk was again my bed but i slept like a log on it.

I am home now and daughter is on the mend and g'son back to school. I have has a chance though last week to get most of my christmas presents and they are wrapped. Having problems though trying to get my head round how soon it is to christmas.

Short one this time as it has been a long week and there is still a few days to go.

Jenny <><


  1. You are doing great even with all the illness and helping out. How wonderful to be just about done shopping.

  2. Glad that you folks are doing better. I don't do much Christmas shopping anymore. We play the Dirty Santa game when everyone gathers here. I remember all the gifts I used to buy. Around the tree would be covered with gifts especially when everyone got here with their gifts. A lot of the family have gone on before now. I really miss them. Helen

  3. I'm glad everyone is doing better now Jenny. I had pleurisy about 10 years ago, and it hurt so bad, I thought I was having a heart attack. Glad she's getting better. Good for you on being ready for Christmas! I used to be able to be done my shopping in July~ but not anymore :-)God Bless!

  4. Glad to know that family are now well. I am sure your daughter appreciated you 'upping sticks' for a few days.
    All your presents wrapped, now that is something.