Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Well this is my first blog since February. Where have I been? Facebook. I notice a lot of other people haven't blogged for a while as well.

What have i been up to? Well, in June hubby was 60 so i took him to Rye for the week. On his actual b'day we went to a Steam train railway at Tenterden Kent. We stayed in a lovely B&B we had stayed in last August and the weather was fine.

On 2 separate weekends i went with daughter and g'son to Nottingham to an ice hockey school, where we just sat around the Ice Arena (where Torvil and Dean used to train) while he enjoyed himself with 2 whole days of ice time. Unfortunately after the new term started he decided he wanted to be a goalie and as they had no other, and he has great potential to be very good so they say, he was accepted. This is a whole different kind of training and kit. So we have had to get him all new kit at a price i am not even going to begin to tell you, but i think a mortgage would have been cheaper.

Summer holidays found us in North Somerset in a wonderful cottage near Burnham on Sea. There is so much to do in the area that we are thinking of going back next year to finish the area off.

Our winter week's hols is coming up soon but as we are all spent up not sure if we are going anywhere. Maybe a few days back to Rye. We like it there and it is not too long a drive for a few days.

The day after Boxing Day sees our 40th Wedding Anniversary, Ruby. Where has the time gone. Now you know why this is called 'Stop The Clock'. The beginning of January also sees me being made redundant from my job, so a new chapter begins.

Well that's my year in a few sentences. I am hoping to blog more frequently and wean myself off of my dependence on Face Book, although i would never give it up forever.

Jenny <><


  1. Good to see you posting, Jenny. Good luck with all the changes come 2010

  2. Welcome back to Bloggerville. I do hope you don't give up on us. I'm not into Facebook and do miss the many friends that I don't hear from anymore. You have had some nice times since February for sure. It seems impossible the Holidays are almost upon us. Sorry about your job but then maybe you are ready to retire??? I hope to come March but haven't made my announcement of that yet. Still and all I do hope it can happen. Keep in touch. It was lovely to hear from you again

  3. Glad to have you back!!


  4. Jenny it is good to have you back! I haven't blogged a whole lot either, but I've been overwhelmed with a lot of stuff. Anyway, I'm glad you caught us up, glad to see that hockey equipment is as expensive over there as here, and I LOVEd Torvil and Dean (Thought they were Canadian?) Sounds like you had some nice times this year, and I am glad. God Bless you Jenny!