Thursday, 28 June 2012

It's all over

It's all over

 All my Granddaughter's exams are over, no more revision for us both.  I think we were all revisioned out by the end.  To celebrate i took her to Wildwood Italian restaurant where we shared as a starter a platter of ham, salami, buffalo mozzeralla cheese, pesto, olives and some wonderful bread.  We both had the rissoto of chicken, mushroom, pancetta, peas and parmasan cheese for mains and i had mango and raspberry sorbet and Chloe chocolate brownie and ice cream.  Yummy! 

This was a lovely, just Nanny and Granddaughter time, we both enjoyed very much and will have to do it again sometime and with my other Granddaughter as well.

Granddaughter with boyfriend earlier in the year

January my daughter had one of those milestone birthdays and a few days before she started to get swollen glands and feel ill.  She was determined not to give into it though and enjoy her birthday party.  It was the first real birthday party she had had and we did up the house and had a big cake.  All her friends and family came and everyone enjoyed themselves.  My daughter tried hard to have a good time but she was really very ill.

The next day she was so bad she had to go to A&E as her neck and glands were so swollen that she could barely move her head.  It turns out she had Quincy in both sides of her throat.  (qunicy - very painful abcesses behind the tonsils usually accompanied with tonsilitis).  The hospital wanted to keep her there incase her throat closed completely, but she was adament she wanted to come home.  They compromised but giving her a double steriod injection and told her to come back immediately if it got worse.  She also had two different antibiotics to take.  Thankfully the swelling started to go down very quickly after that but she was in great pain and very ill for the next two weeks and i stayed with her for that time.

One of the few things she could eat was the birthday cake as it was a lovely sponge cake from Costco.  Unfortunately one night her puppy was having a mad run round and went so fast across the kitchen floor the only place to go was a jump onto the table.  What joy he had when he found the cake and managed in minutes to gulp down most of it and the icing.  I then had a puppy high on sugar for a day and a half and feeling a bit sickly.  Daughter was not pleased that he had demolished the one thing she was enjoying.  



It took her quite a while to get her strength back but now she will be straight to the doctors the minute she gets a twinge in her throat glands.

So much easier to put photos in now will show some more of family next time.

Jenny <><


  1. It was so nice to see your pictures. Congrats to the granddaughter for a job well done! I'm sure she appreciated having your help. Glad you daughter is feeling better now. Too bad about the cake.

  2. Good Morning Jenny,a great post.Well done to the both of you.As you know my Grandaughter is the same age as yours,it's not use her asking me to help her,she would never become a Doc LOL!!She has just passed her driving test,and now has her own car,so never see her much now,always out with boyfriend when not studying,Son tells me when he calls round.Love all your pics,I remember reading about your Daughter and her B/day bash,seen the pics.Glad she recovered well.Your meal sounded yummy,but I don't like many foreign foods at all.I am a plain old english, old fashioned food eater.Have agreat week/end love.Take Care God Bless Brain Box Haaaaaaaaaaa Love Kath xx

  3. 1st visit, that dog looks just like my dog I lost, beautiful family.
    God Bless your home. yvonne

  4. Your Grand Daughter is beautiful, she looks like that movie star that played wonder woman,