Friday, 1 June 2012

It was a year ago tomorrow...

Yes 2nd June 2011 was the last time i wrote in this blog, how the time has flown by, and it seems nothing much has changed.  A year ago i wrote about doing revision with my granddaughter and i am still doing revision with her as she is right in the middle of her GCSE exams and has left secondary school and is on study leave. Next September she starts at college and in July she has her prom. I asked her if she still wanted to meet with me on a Monday night when she goes to college to give her encouragement and she said, of course.  She reckons we can do revision by Skype when she goes to Uni.

Now i have to say here that my Granddaughter is very bright, but she does have a few problems that affect her concentration and organising herself to revise and that is where i come in. Sometimes all i do is sit and read and offer suggestions while she works, other times it might just be encouragement that she really can do it, but if it means she gets the A's she has been predicted then i am happy.

Since i last wrote on here i have become a Great Grandmother twice over to little Danny and Ella. Danny arrived just before Christmas and Ella a month and half after.  I am really blessed with so many grandchildren.  My youngest Grandson is now into photography and making videos and putting them on 'Youtube'.  So we have to check the rooms out now because he is good at leaving his camcorder running in a room without you knowing. 

A few weeks ago i went to a conference and meet a fellow blogger there, she has put a photo of us on her blog, 'Ramblings from an English Garden'.  We must have been at other things together and not known it, so it was good to meet her at last.

It is the Queens Diamond Jubilee Weekend and i am watching a splendid programme where Prince Charles is showing the family videos of when he was a child.  It is lovely watching the Queen playing and running around with her children when they were small.  I have found my two small union jack flags and stuck them in my flower pot outside my front door.  

Well since i was last on here it seems blogger has changed and i suppose i will have to learn how to put photos and things in it all over again and find out how it works and hopefully not leave it so long next time.





  1. Welcome back to the land of Blog. Looking forward to your next posting, Jenny - hopefully before June 2013! Up to you :-)

  2. Yes time waits for no man Jenny does it.I have kept checking in on all old blogs some still post who I follow other snot.I thought you had given up,but inthe end here I am.I know your Grandughter and mine ar enot much differance in age and mine is studying to be a Doc. It's no use askingme to help though haaaa.She is a very bright intellegent young girl,doesn't seem to ask my Son says,so we will see.How lovely to meet one of your blogger friends very nice.Yes I saw the advert for Chrales and th eprogram you are watching.I am online Rooster arrived earlier for the weekend and he is listening to the RUGBY on my TV.LOL!!So we are both happy.Thankyou for th eupdate.Good luck to all your Grandchildren,it's so nice when they do well.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  3. I watched the programme about the Queen too ,I thought Prince Charles told it so well ,sometimes I felt he got a bit emotional ,so nice to have you back amongst us ,Im afraid I don't blog enough either Jan xx

  4. I am surprised to see your post. It has been a long time. I did see your picture with Barbara at the conference when she put it on her blog. I didn't realize that was you. Congratulations on the two new grand babies. I just had my 17th grandchild on May 25th this year. No great grands yet, but I'm sure that won't be far away.

  5. Congratulations. Here I am with my oldest grandchild only 5.Will be a miracle if I get to see great grand children but I live in hope!

    Welcome back anyhow and glad you are back.

  6. A g-granma Jenny? O how wonderful! Yes, I too have neglected my blog horribly, while stuck in the quicksand of Facebook, surfing through YouTube and generally losing the blog-habit. Trying to get it back. FB is quick and easy but I miss the folks here, their deep compelling stories and their short witty laughing tales. Hope you're happy in this new role, it's life affirming!

  7. Congrats on the two new great-grandchildren. I think it's great that you give your granddaughter help with her revisions. I am sure she really appreciates it. It's good to see a post from you, and I hope you'll be back soon!