Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Happy Birthday Granddaughter

Granddaughter is 13 today. She was born by C section 13 years ago, my daughters first child. This last year she must have grown about twelve inches in a year, she is now much taller than me. Saturday we went shopping and i bought her some clothes. That girl has always known how to shop :-). Today we go out for a meal and next Saturday i have the privilege of supervising a sleep over of 7 girls. I have already been given my orders, mainly not to embarrass her. As if i would...
Last night my next-door-neighbour had his car stolen from outside the house. It was inches away from ours. All this happened at teatime, not in the middle of the night as you would expect.
Just a short one today to say 'Happy Birthday' g'daughter have a great day as you enter your teen years.
Jenny <><


  1. I hope your g'daughter has a wonderful day today!

  2. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter. How lovely she is. So exciting to be a teenager. I wish you luck on the sleepover. 7 girls can make alot of noise. I remember the days of when my own daughter was young. Too bad about the neighbors car. Glad it wasn't yours.
    'On Ya'-ma

  3. A Very Happy Bithday to your lovely Granddaughter ,a teenager now ! It is my second son's Birthday today ,he is 47 gosh where did that time go ? Very scary about the car being stolen Jan xx

  4. Those were the days when we couldn't wait to become a teenager.
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful granddaughter.
    I hope the sleepover went without too many hitches. Lol!