Sunday, 30 November 2008

Pain and more pain

Well i give up. I have tried and tried to put pictures in and it is having none of it. so i cannot be bothered any more tonight.
Remember hubby's toothache.... well it was an abscess so he has now had the nerve taken out. Now he is saying the one next to it hurts, but i am wondering if the abscess hasn't quite gone and he needs more antibiotic.
He has also had for the last two weeks that nasty chest virus that is going the rounds. It sounds like the same one that they have on Strictly Come Dancing. G'daughter has it too and has been very ill. Last Wednesday night she ended up in A&E because she couldn't breathe. Luckily they saw her straight away and gave her some steroid tablets to take and a prescription for sprays. She is better but her chest still sounds terrible and i doubt if she will be back to school at the start of this week. She is very rarely ill but when she is she often ends up at A&E and has what ever she gets worse than normal.
Next week g'daughter will be 13, how did that happen. It seems she is having a sleep over of 6 friends. Now daughter has come up with clever the idea - she thinks - of her and g'son sleeping over my house and that i go over and supervise the sleep over. One reason being that my daughter has a very short fuse when woken from sleep at night, although she reckons she cannot remember what she says the next day. Hmm!! Anyway to save her nerves and g'daughter's this was the suggestion. G'daughter is all for it as long as i don't embarrass her. I haven't given an answer yet, but oh what fun i could have. Embarrass, Ha! Ha!
My glasses broke half hour ago and i am wearing some very old ones from years back. I dread to think what i look like... No comments please :-)
Today i wrapped up...well hubby first presents. Thank goodness, i thought i was never going to get started. Sons family is nearly all done, so is Church friends, but i still do not know what to get for some members of the family. And i am not telling on here what i have bought already as i know family reads this blog, so there.
Tom Jones is on TV at the moment, his voice hasn't altered a bit with age. Boyzone was good as well and i have always loved Seal.
Well I'm off to watch I'm a Celebrity and i am recording Strictly results to watch later... Oh what a busy life i lead.
Jenny <><


  1. I guess you already know the results of strictly ,Your poor hiusband he must have been in agony ,I hope he is feeling alot better now,and also I hope the spray and steroids were successful Jan xx

  2. I had that happen with one of my teeth and it turns out the pain was in the one next to the one they took out. What a toothless wonder i now am. two teeth later I was finally pain free.
    'On Ya'-ma

  3. I hope your husband feels betters soon!

  4. My hubby had a abscess on his tooth last Christmas and New Year he too had a terrible time hope your hubby can get it sorted out soon. Love Joan

  5. I had exactly the same as your husband. It's not funny. I had root canal fillings done eventualy which didn't work. I had a naff dentist!
    I hope I miss out on this chest bug that's doing the rounds. It seems to be visiting your family all at once at the moment. Get well soon to all of you.
    Thanks for the suggestion of getting in touch with Guido. He has already been in touch with me and found my journal for me.

  6. What a nice, friendly Blog! I think I will stop in again.

    Tom S

    Old Soldier Tom's Journal.

  7. You've such a full life, even when loved ones aren't 1100%, you all have each other and what could be more precious.