Monday, 17 November 2008


We have just got back from my last holiday this year.

We set off Wednesday morning, picked up my friend who was coming with us and set off. We were going to 'Mission Worship', a weekend conference where christian singer/songwriters teach us their new songs they have written. Give us good teaching and raise a lot of money for a kids charity that provides schools in the Amazon jungle. It is run by Kingsway Publishers who gives a large percentage of the money raised from the sales of goods at the conference.

Back to the plot. To make a bit of a holiday of it we thought we would go a couple of days early. My friend wanted a lift to the conference so had to come with us early.... So it was a lovely day and on the way there i suddenly saw the sign for the Bluebell Steam Train Railway Line. My husband is rather a steam train lover and we had been there before so i said lets go and visit.

We saw one train and had a lovely lamb dinner. I sat and sunned myself on a seat in the station while my hubby and friend went and looked at the engine sheds. I am not quite so much a train lover. If you have seen one you have seen them all is my motto.

A couple of hours later we set off again and reached the hotel about 4pm. We had a lovely room with a big bay window overlooking the sea. There was a full moon and we sat and watched it shining silver on the water as the sun went down. ( i am now singing the song 'by the light of the silvery moon').

This isn't exactly the same as our room but it is one of their bedrooms.

There was a 'Tinsel and Turkey' group at the hotel so my friend and i went down to the hotel lounge and joined them on Thursday night as they had a singer playing 60's songs. They were all from Doncaster and very friendly and didn't mind us gatecrashing one bit.

For those that don't know, 'Tinsel and Turkey' is what the over 60's go to usually with their clubs. It is a coach trip to a hotel usually in November when you pretend it is Christmas and have a Christmas dinner, presents and do all the things of Christmas day. When we joined them they reckoned it was New Years day, LOL! :-) It is especially good for people who have lost their partners and would never get away from home as it makes a nice 5 day break for them.

Friday morning the coach departed and our lot for the conference started turning up. There was 10 of us from our church. Now if i am doing these pictures correct there might even be a photo of the hotel we stayed at.

The first floor big bay window 3rd from the end of the hotel was our room. The weather was very warm i never wore my coat at all. It was lovely to spend time away with some of the church family. We sang, we danced, we worshipped together. We had breakfast together and spent time till late at night chatting in the hotel lounge.

Actual hotel dining room.

My husband had raging toothache all during the holiday. One of us usually has something. He likes to go for walks on holiday, not my thing. So i think he walked at least twice up to Beachy Head with some of our church mates. This was uphill a lot of the way.

Picture coming....

That is Beachy Head, quite a famous landmark in the UK and famous for people throwing themselves off of it. Thankfully hubby's tooth never got so bad he saw that as a solution.

So after a good week we came back Sunday afternoon and now looking forward to getting back to work :-(

I wonder if this post is going to look the same as it does now when i publish????

Jenny <><


  1. The pictures are so nice and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. To have nice warm weather is a blessing too. It is so cold here and snow on the ground today for the first time this year.
    'On Ya'-ma

  2. Wow it sounds as though you had a great break away Jenny.Yes the posting was perfect pictures all in the right place.I tried to post tonight with no luck for some reason.I was getting no luck placing my graphics in? Not had this happen before so will try again another day.I am happy you enjoyed it so much.I love the Tinsel and Turkey weekdays away.I hope hubby's toothache has subsided nothing worse.OUCH!!The weather too will have made you break I am sure.Thanx for sharing the pictures.Take Care God Bless.Kath

  3. Hi loely pictures sounds as if you had a great time it is nice to have a break before winter sets in properly. I alway worry too what an entry will turn out like if at all when you press publish. Love Joan.

  4. I enjoy reading British blogs!
    I write a Christian Journal that deals with setting things straight even as it is sometimes blunt and direct. Yet, God hides scriptures from those with a wicked heart... but gives knowledge to simple honest people who LOVE Him.
    I am [among other things] a retired Chrysler worker after 30.5 years and a Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.
    I like your blog!

    Tom S
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  5. Glad you are home safe and sound, and it sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  6. The pictures turned out great Jenny! It looks like such a pretty place, and sounds like you all enjoyed it so much- even your poor hubby with his toothache! Poor guy! Hope he's feeling better, and I'm glad you all had a nice fellowship time! God Bless! Carolyn