Thursday, 23 September 2010

New year

Unless you are a Methodist you wouldn't know but 1st September is the beginning of the year for Methodists.  Ministers start there new appointments in their new churches, the holidays are finished and all the church groups and clubs start up again after the summer break.  The Methodist year has begun.

So that's what i have been doing, getting back into the swing of it again after having August off.  I lead a bible study group so i had that to prepare.  I lead the prayer group and although that never stops i had not been for a few weeks as i had been on holiday.  I go to a Sunday fellowship group which anyone can bring a topic to talk about but usually they rely on me to do that.  Myself and a friend have started opening the church midweek for anyone who wants to come in and find quiet or wants someone to pray with them.  Hopefully in time there will be enough of us for some of us to go out to the High Street and pray for people there or bring them back to the church for prayer.  This is going to take a lot of courage and boldness but we will do it.  We are expecting to see healings and miracles from God like so many other people are at the moment.

Since i have been out of work i have been stuck in a bit during the day so i have joined a church group where they meet fortnightly and usually have speakers.  Most of the people that go started out like i did by going to the Young Wives club many years ago.  We have now graduated to Midway although being as i am probably the youngest one there and the average age is 70+ should probably be called Endstage.  But don't tell them i said that.

So that is my time spent.  I have gone from not doing a lot during the day to going out twice in 2 days, woo hoo.  I don't count the other groups as they are all in the evening.

This then and some other things in the pipeline has kept me quite lately and hopefully i will have more to tell in the future.

Jenny <><


  1. I didn't know that about the 1st September ~ but found it interesting reading ~ Although you are not working you sound like you are having a busy time ~ Ally x

  2. Our church offers a lot of things like that but I rarely attend anymore. I don't like going out in the evenings and enjoy my quiet time when at home. When I'm not home an evening of friends and family around the campfire is my cup of tea. I go on Sunday mornings now and that is about it. Years ago I was very involved though. I did read on line about a youth group doing the praying with people for one of their retreats and they were very successful. I'll be waiting to hear what else is keeping you busy.

  3. Sounds like you are busy and getting out and about Jenny. Our young people (and some older) are out regularly in the town praying for people. They are becoming quite known on a Saturday.
    I would still go to Ingatestone Hall if I were you it is interesting but I think it closes end September until next year.

  4. I was thrilled to see you stopped by Caneyhead for a visit! Thought you might have updated your own blog as well.